About the Musicians

Here is a quick look at the members of Kerygma:

Scott Dawson (Drummer/Lead vocals/Composer/Arranger)

Scott Dawson Click to Enlarge Scott has used his talents in churches as a worship leader and pastor over the last twenty years. It is his vision for a funky sound that would grab anyone within earshot and compel them to listen to hear of Christ’s love and forgiveness that is the impetus behind Kerygma.  Thankfully his wife, Mercy supports his vision as do their three children.

Mercy Dawson (Flute/Alto Sax)

Mercy Dawson Click to EnlargeMercy is an excellent flutist and alto saxophonist who contributes to the band in numerous ways.  Also involved in the church music scene for decades, she is a member of the Penfield Symphony Orchestra in addition to substitute teaching in public schools in the greater Rochester area.

Brian Moore (Bass guitar) 

Brian Moore Click to EnlargeIn demand as a bass player throughout Rochester and involved in worship for many years in his home church, Brian helps lay down the foundational groove enjoyed by the band.


Brad Batz (Sax) 

Brad Batz Click to EnlargeBrad Batz is a Rochester, New York based musician who lives for expressing his life experiences through his art. He caught his performance “bug” from his grandfather, who played the saxes and clarinet during the big band era, as well as from his mother, a clarinet player, who pushed him toward his musical goals. He he has toured in numerous countries, including the United States, Canada and Japan, as well as parts of Europe in his quest to share his love of music and life with as many people as possible. Brad looks forward to playing for many years to come. He believes that, “If It isn’t perfect, It isn’t right”. That belief will make him strive to grow and learn as much as he can about music, life and himself for many years to come.

Steve Petrovich (Guitar) 

Steve Petrovich Click to EnlargeSteve is a multi-instrumentalist whose singer/songwriter style has blessed audiences and congregations for 20 yrs. Steve has led worship services in diverse church settings using various forms of music to include the people in an experience where God shows up. From street corner outreaches in Baltimore to Alabama, Pennsylvania to South Dakota and Jamaica to coffee houses, colleges and churches in the Mid-Atlantic area. Steve’s passion is for the presence of the Lord.